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The Wind is our Mountain(s)

This is one of those entries where I start writing with the intention of keeping to one particular theme and then something happens which takes me in a completely different direction; as if I’m in a boat sailing through calm(ish) … Continue reading

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Let them eat cake

In 1960 a song by Peter Sellars and Sophia Loren became a surprise chart hit.  Apart from the refrain it has, thankfully, all but disappeared from my memory.  It’s from a film in which Sellars plays an Indian doctor and … Continue reading

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The Longest Day

At 6.30am June 6th 1944 Allied troops wade ashore on the Normandy beaches.  Thus begins what Field Marshall Rommel claims will become “The Longest Day”.  At the same hour, on the same day some 67 years later, Annie and I … Continue reading

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