December 16th 2015; Cake day number 10

I had intended that this would be my the last post. When life is plodding on there is little to report – except perhaps that life is plodding on. Ten years ago I might not have been so sure. And five years ago, when my cancer returned – and when this particular blog began – my chances of reaching the 10th anniversary of diagnosis, looked decidedly dodgy. But here I am.

But I’m scheduled to have a final scan in April 2016 and so perhaps that will be the time to finally draw a line under this particular journal.

I had a scan in April this year and the oncologist, seeing no sign of the disease, was prepared to discharge me. But we insisted on one more scan – we were at the very same point in April 2010 when the final scan then turned out to be anything but.

I had a successful voice operation in October 2014 at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham; I can now sing again – not as I did before, but well enough to get invites to take part in the occasional gig. In October this year I managed a week’s tour of Germany with some old band mates, performing 5 gigs in 5 night. It did a lot for my confidence – a much needed boost to my morale. But it did not do a lot for my heart.

The Gods of Arrhythmia have returned with a vengeance. After the lung resection in 2010 I was diagnosed with Atrial Flutter for which I had an Ablation. This cured the flutter but resulted in Atrial Fibrillation. In the past three months this has suddenly got worse; episodes have gone from around once a month to one every two days. There is no obvious explanation for this – the usual suspects – alcohol, caffeine and heavy spicy meals have be eliminated from my diet. And still they come. I am now waiting for a Coronary CT scan to see what, if anything, is going on inside my heart.

Although the disease now appears to have gone, the consequences haven’t. I’m stuck with them. Of course I am not alone in this; I cannot imagine any member of the Cancer family getting off Scot-free. Cancer might go, but it always leave something behind – a reminder of its visit.

Despite this, I am looking forward to 2016. I have plans. I hope you do too. Good luck.

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9 Responses to December 16th 2015; Cake day number 10

  1. JJ says:

    Great to hear from you Ian and with a lot of good news in there.
    Cancer, I call it “the gift that keeps on giving”.
    To some people, losing the ability to sing would be a very small price.
    But not for you.
    cancer and its treatments sometimes attack those parts of us we hold dear, they can hit at the very roots of who we feel we are. I can only say how happy I am for you to have regained a large part of that with your singing returning.
    I have nothing but warm wishes for you and Annie to be drifting off into the sunset as the proverbial happy “The End” words fill the screen.
    All the best for Christmas, the New year, April, 2016 and a long happy healthy life together where I hope the memories of all this feel distant and no longer relevant.

  2. ians says:

    thanks JJ as always. It’s funny – the cancer bit has now receded which is probably why I’ve stopped writing about it. The other stuff doesn’t go away – but that’s the price of still being here.

  3. Barbara Porter says:

    For so many you will always be the one who became a friend to so many through your very honest writings, and a source of infinite courage to those who needed that special understanding when they too were struggling. And with dear Annie, an example of the meaning of true love between two people when confronted with the threat of a terminal prognosis and finding the strength to give cancer ” a kick in the teeth”. May you both be blessed with many more years of golden sunsets, and rainbows of happiness throughout your years together. Just so happy that you can sing again.(I still dance around the kitchen to that CD you sent me when my sister Wendy was losing her battle against ‘the uninvited guest’.) You are just one of those very special people in Life.

  4. ians says:

    hello Barbara
    thank you for taking the time to comment. Your words are much appreciated. I hope you are well and have a good Christmas.


    Ian and Anniex

  5. says:

    Hi Ian and Annie, We were delighted to read about your 10th cake day and that your op on the vocal cords has been successful. We wish you both a very happy and cintinuingly healthy 2016 and a wonderful Christmas with lots of singing, Very best wishes from Naom and Keith

  6. Hello Ian and Annie, I have just discovered your blog and loved your writing. Just spend ages reading through lots of posts and drama and feel I know you all a little bit now. There are so many similarities, even the way we write at times. I just wanted to drop into your blog and wish you both a happy christmas and lots of adventures still to come. I hope all continues to be well for you. I too struggle with the fear of recurrence so your words resonated very strongly with me. But lets pray we are still the very lucky ones to get away with it…
    Rachel (aka bananagiraffes and The C List).

    • ians says:

      Hello Rachel
      thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. Now you’ve done that I’m going to have to write another entry. Thanks for the prompt.

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