in the beginning

In the beginning there was diagnosis.  And diagnosis begat phone call and phone call begat email and email begat blog and blog begat book.   At least it did first time round.

Back in 2007, someone sent my first cancer blog to a publisher and the result was ‘It’s not over till the Bag Lady rings’. It had a couple of (2) good reviews on Amazon and I donated royalties to Cancer Research UK.

My cancer seemed to disappear shortly after publication in 2008 and I thought – thankfully – that my writing days were over.   But in April 2010, when the consultant confirmed my cancer had returned, the first thing I said was – “oh well, I guess this means another blog”. He had no idea idea what I was talking about but humoured me non the less.


2 Responses to in the beginning

  1. Marie-Therese Reddy says:

    Hi Ian,

    Have just finished reading your book “When the Bag Lady Rings” and loved it. I am a bowel cancer survivor myself – diagnosed on 16th December 2004, exactly a year before you (Dukes C/N1). I was very lucky in that I didn’t need a stoma though my hospital neighbour did have one and so I had only the basic knowledge of what having a stoma meant. Your book is truly a great read, and despite the serious subject, your sense of humour was brilliant. (I laughed out loud when you described your stoma having an ego of it’s own). I wrote a glowing review of your book today for Mcmillan (as a cancer survivor I often review books for them). I then decided to look in at your blog tonight and am very sad to hear that the cancer had returned. Happy though that you are still blogging and so I can read how you are getting on. Love your photos by the way – very beautiful. Need to check if you have written any more poems as I really enjoyed those in the book. This is the first time I have ever used a blog so something new for me and lot to catch up on. Best wishes, Marie-Therese

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